Developing a professional singing voice is far easier than many believe. NEW techniques allow both novices and experienced singers to develop vocal excellence within a very short space of time.

Through a variety of unique modern techniques we are able to train our voice, gain professional insight and also realise the full potential of our ability.

Singing Lessons are no longer about singing scales at the piano. Our aim should be to enjoy the learning process with exciting techniques and inspirational guidance.

Pete Moody has proved his ability to transform voices on many National TV Shows and at Theatres across the country. Previous students include Chart Topping Performers and West End Stars. The knowledge and art of singing is now available to everyone. Along with amazing techniques, Pete also offers DEMO production and professional advice during singing lessons.

"My students are successful because they understand  the process of making a great sound. My students and their voices do all my advertising for me!"

Information for Students:

What To Bring
The first time you visit it may be useful to have my contact details with you in case you need assistance with directions etc. There are no waiting rooms but you are welcome to bring one other person with you into the lesson. You may like to think about types of music/example songs to work with initially. Choose songs that excite you! Working with a song that you love will make practice more fun.

Vocal Health
Vocal health is extremely important. If you suffer from any medical condition which you feel would affect your ability to sing, please let me know! If you feel unwell or experience any pain or tickling sensations in your throat whilst singing, please inform me immediately.

Lesson Structure
During your first lesson, you will experience lots of information which will help you understand how your voice will improve. We will also discuss your ‘goals’ and where appropriate, create an action plan to ensure you get the desired results over a period of time. Techniques are mainly taught through song and song choice will be yours, although I am happy to give guidance. Once you have mastered a song, we can professionally record it, if required, during a lesson at no extra cost. This builds a portfolio of DEMO songs on CD and is also a great way to monitor your continued improvement.

Backing Tracks
I have over 75,000 backing tracks covering all musical styles inc. chart songs. A professional backing track will be used with you during the lesson to ensure you get the best experience from singing. Songs may also be broken down on the piano in order to work on a specific section. If you require additional backing tracks for songs not worked with during the lesson, these can be arranged for a minimal fee.

Music Industry Related Advice
Having worked in many major recording/TV studios and theatres across the UK, I am happy to give guidance on professional matters including ways to promote yourself and audition technique. If you would like to discuss this during your lesson – Just Ask.

Song writing
Singing something original is essential in developing a style of your own. Other people’s songs are great to work with but can sometimes limit your ability. During the lessons you may also like to attempt some original work. It doesn’t matter if you don’t play an instrument or have never written song words before. With my support and the latest music production software, I am able to assist you with writing a unique song and prepare a backing track of professional quality.

Ongoing Support
All of my students are welcome to call or e-mail between lessons if assistance is required. There is no extra charge for this support. Whether you need a pep talk on the way to audition or just a reminder of what needs practicing – just call or e-mail.


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